The UCLA Lung Cancer Program is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of experts who are dedicated to the prevention, detection, treatment, and research of lung cancer.
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Our Lung Cancer Support Program at UCLA - Los Angeles, California

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Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

The UCLA Thoracic Oncology Program is committed to providing comprehensive care to our patients with lung cancer. We recognize that getting the best medical treatment from specialists in the thoracic oncology program is the first step, however, most patients and family members need access to other types of care that address the needs of the whole patient and family.

We partner with the Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology because they offer comprehensive resources to our patients and their families. We encourage all patients to visit the Simms/Mann Center (200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 502) or call for an appointment (310 794-6644) to see how they may be able to help. Below you will find information about the services that they offer to our patients.

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A center of integrative oncology . . .
maintaining wellness, maximizing health, and complementing the best oncologic practices and scientific research through individualized care offered by a multidisciplinary team committed to enhancing the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of people touched by cancer.


Population Served

The Simms/Mann - UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology is primarily oriented toward the practice of integrative medicine through a wide variety of clinical services and programs. We have a range of services oriented toward care of the whole person diagnosed with lung cancer and their families.

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Types of Services

The Simms/Mann - UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology is primarily oriented toward the practice of integrative care through a wide variety of clinical services and programs.

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Current Clinical Programs

Individual Integrative Assessment by Integrative Oncology Specialist
Individual educational sessions for patients with cancer or individuals at risk for developing cancer providing an opportunity to receive extensive personalized education on nutrition, dietary supplements, strategies to optimize wellness during cancer treatment, and enhance well-being. Our integrative oncology specialists have extensive experience working in the area of cancer and cancer prevention and have special training and knowledge in the areas of diet/nutrition and the appropriate use of supplements, symptom management, wellness and immune support to help you make good choices, and to create an individualized wellness plan that takes into consideration your treatment status. Patients complete a comprehensive multi-dimensional assessment prior to evaluation incorporating information from medical history, nutrition, complementary medicine practices, mind/body strategies, spiritual practices, and goals. (Fee for Service)

Comprehensive psychosocial assessment by health psychologists and clinical social workers
For UCLA patients and their family members, interventions are provided which are oriented toward reducing the psychological impact of cancer as well as teaching mind-body techniques to facilitate coping and wellness.  Psychologists and oncology social workers work with patients and family members both in the Center and in other UCLA oncology clinic environments to help assess need, identify resources, and provide concrete psychological interventions.  Referrals are often made to many of the support groups and workshops that are offered in the Center.

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Support Groups and Workshops
On-going groups and workshops, including traditional and integrative approaches are open to the public. Groups are offered on weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.  Contact the Center for a current schedule. Here is a listing of frequently held groups.

  • Healing Through Art
    Offers an opportunity to work with drawing, collage, and sculpture to explore, understand, and heal from the cancer experience.
  • Qi Gong
    This class teaches the ancient Chinese art that promotes healing, mental health, and clarity as well as systemic changes in lifestyle, health, and fitness.
  • Meditation: Inner Healing
    Mind/body techniques such as guided imagery, music, color, and movement are utilized to reduce stress, promote balance, and healing.
  • Husbands (Partners) of Women with Cancer Support Group
    When the woman you love is diagnosed with cancer it can alter life creating a parallel journey through cancer. Research indicates that men benefit from other men’s experiences.
  • Young Adults with Cancer
    A monthly support group for those who are currently being treated for cancer.
  • Family and Friends
    A support group to assist for those who provide love and support to an adult relative or friend with cancer.
  • Living Beyond Limits
    A support group for women with metastatic or recurrent cancers offering information, support, and comfort from others who understand.
  • Looking Ahead
    Support for individuals with a history of cancer but who are no longer on treatment.

“Insights Into Cancer
Monthly Lecture Series on mainstream medical and integrative medicine topics, as well as concrete issues affecting patients with cancer. This lecture series features high level faculty members, and is open to the public at no charge. Lectures are offered one Tuesday evening per month from 7:00-9:00 pm in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (RRMC) Auditorium, B Level, Room B130, 757 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

Access to Educational Materials

Reflections Boutique
A boutique to assist patients with the physical appearance changes brought about by cancer including items such as hats, wigs, scarves, mastectomy bras, breast prostheses, and lymphedema garments. Reflections Boutique carries a wide-range of high-quality nutraceuticals, which can be of particular interest to people with cancer.

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Faculty and Staff

The Center is staffed by a range of caring individuals who understand the importance of a patient-centered approach to care. The Center has staff with expertise and knowledge representing a variety of domains and disciplines including clinical and health psychology, psychiatry, preventive wellness, nutrition and dietary supplementation, oncology social work, mind/body approaches, art therapy, holistic healing, QiGong, individual, couples and family therapy, bereavement, spiritual care, complementary care, and the psychology of women.

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How the Center is Funded

The Simms/Mann Family Foundation has a long history of substantial philanthropic support to the Center. They continue to be committed to providing significant operating support for many of our programs and services. While we greatly appreciate the funding that we receive from the Simms/Mann Family Foundation, due to the high volume of patients and family members touched by cancer and the extraordinary demand for our services, we need additional private donations of all kinds to continue our wide range of programs.

The Center also has an Advisory Board who make significant contributions to the Center and facilitates additional fund-raising and friend-raising opportunities.

Voluntary donations are essential for our day-to-day operations. Almost all of our programs are offered to individuals without fees with the exception of the Reflections Boutique and the educational programs offered by our Integrative Oncology Specialists, which are fee for service.

We depend on the generosity of others and we encourage individuals to make a financial contribution that is tax deductible to the maximum extent allowable by law.

For information on how to support the Center please contact the administrator, Marcia Britvan at 310 794-6644 or by writing to

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Location and Contact Information

The Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology has a primary location on the Westwood campus at UCLA. However, in addition, many of our programs are offered in satellite community oncology offices in Los Angeles County including the Santa Monica office. Please contact our main center for information about specific programs offered in different locations.

200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 502
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6934
310 794-6644
310 794-9615 fax

Open Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:00 closed all University Holidays

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Lung Cancer Support Group Helps Calm the Storm

When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, it felt like being overcome by a very dark storm. The support group, and the people in it, were integral to my coping. I knew I wasn’t alone, that someone understood me, and that there was hope for calm ahead.” 

Helen, a participant in the lung cancer support group, wrote in a recent thank you letter what the group has meant to her and what it offers others.

The lung cancer support group meets in weekly and provides the opportunity for participants to get to know others in similar situations. Participants share stories, give and receive practical suggestions, and support each other. An oncology social worker provides information and skills for relaxation, navigating the healthcare system, finding needed resources, and coping with day-to-day challenges. The group provides a safe forum to discuss issues such as the stigma of lung cancer, fear and anxiety, keeping a positive outlook and nourishing hope.

With membership ranging from five to ten people, the intimate setting provides a protected place to talk and to listen. Partners and family caregivers are welcome to participate if they have a family member in the group.

Helen closed her letter simply yet profoundly by saying “Thank you for being my very own lighthouse.” If you are unsure and would like to discuss the possibility of joining, for more information or to register for the group, please call the Center.

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